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Syllabus Framework for Arts Appreciation Programme

Aesthetics Vision – Students to discover their talents and strengths, become thinking, creative individuals who contributes to the community.

The Arts Appreciation Programme Framework guides the development of the arts curriculum. It consist of pedagogical approaches for skills and character education to develop the desired learner outcome. It aims to introduce a variety of artistic forms and techniques as a foundational approach to allowing the students to broaden their knowledge and perspective of the arts.

The framework objectives are for every student to be able to Create, Explore and Appreciate the arts. Through the opportunities provided students can develop skills and awareness towards the intrinsic value of the arts.


3 key attributes of the desired learner outcome
To Create to inspire confidence and creativity
To Explore and embrace diverse experiences
To Appreciate and cultivate understanding
Students to develop visual literacy through the arts by creating, presenting and performing. Students generate ideas to respond and communicate through the exploration of the arts. Students discover meaningful connections between the arts and the world.