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NLS Experience 2022
Parent Support Group


The school has staff who come with different backgrounds and experiences. We also have students from different schools in Singapore. It is therefore important for all to come together as a family to help and support each other. Essentially, the relationships amongst the staff and students must be strong to further strengthen the culture of love and care in the school. Together, we will then be able to help every student develop the ‘Never Give Up’ mindset.


It is a rallying call for all to come together so that we can rise above the challenges, seize the opportunities and write the next chapter of the NorthLight fairy tale together. A strong and shining NorthLight can only be achieved when every member of the family pulls together to focus on the mission. Every staff and student are important ambassadors of the school. Let’s continue to live the school values ‘SHINE’ in our everyday lives to portray the true spirit of the school.