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NLS Precautionary Measures for Covid-19

A Letter to Our Community

Updates to Schools’ Leave of Absence and Approved Absence Policies

11 October 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian,

1. In line with MOH’s revised protocols for testing and isolation announced on 9 Oct 2021, MOE’s Leave of Absence (LOA) and Approved Absence (AA) policies have been updated accordingly.

2. Students from MOE Kindergartens (MKs), primary schools, secondary schools and JCs/MI would be required to follow MOH’s isolation and testing policies. There would be no issuance of MOE LOA and AA for all levels. Students who have been issued with LOA or AA may return to school on 11 Oct with a negative ART result.

3. If your child has been administered an ART and obtained a positive test result, they should self-isolate at home for 72 hours before repeating the ART. Your child may resume daily activities, including coming to school, if the second ART is negative. If the second ART is also positive, continue to self-isolate and repeat the ART daily until it is negative.

4. Students and their household members should seek medical attention immediately if they are unwell with flu-like symptoms. As part of being socially responsible, students who are unwell should not return to school and should practise good personal hygiene both in school and at home.

5. For information on MOH’s revised protocols, please refer to the following websites:
    a. MOE https://www.moe.gov.sg/faqs-covid-19-infection
    b. MOH https://www.covid.gov.sg/

6. With your strong partnership, we are confident that our school will remain a safe place for our children to learn and develop holistically.

NorthLight School

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