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NLS Precautionary Measures for Covid-19

A Letter to Our Community

[Click  here  for MOE FAQs on Covid-19 and  here  for FHBL schedule and details.]

Dear NLS Community, 

Since the Covid-19 situation started, these are some of the precautions that we have taken to safeguard the safety and health of our students, staff and visitors:

  • Mandatory travel declarations and temperature taking for all visitors to the school
  • Prior to Full Home Based Learning (FHBL), daily temperature checks by all staff and students. Anyone who was unwell was advised to seek medical help and to stay home.
  • Suspension of CCAs, after-school activities and external activities
  • Instead of mass morning assemblies, the National Anthem and Pledge were sung and recited by students in their classrooms. We also minimised the mixing of students across classes and levels by adjusting recess and lunch breaks, and assigning fixed seating for classes in the canteen.
  • Daily wipe-down and cleaning routines in classrooms and in the canteen
  • Frequent reminders to students on maintaining personal hygiene, including increased washing of hands. We provided every student with a bottle of hand sanitiser.
  • Increased cleaning of commonly used areas including staircases, toilets, classrooms and offices
  • Since FHBL started on 8 April 2020, the majority of our student population has been at home doing their online and offline homework. We have loaned notebooks to some of our students to do their HBL at home. 
  • During FHBL, teachers have continued to check in weekly with the students and their form classes, to ensure the well-being of all students. Form teachers have also been in close contact with parents and guardians where help was needed for NeuPC applications and FAS support
  • All FAS students have been given top-ups into their student concession cards which can be used to purchase food and daily necessities. FAS students who come to school can continue to use their concession card to purchase refreshments in the canteen. There is also a daily meal for all students who are identified to do their online learning in school.

We are keeping close track of the Covid-19 developments. We wish to thank all our Teachers, Allied Educators and Executive and Administrative staff for their continued care and concern for the students. We also wish to thank the many people who help keep our school clean, safe and healthy – our “unsung heroes” who include the security guards, cleaners, and canteen vendors. 

Best Regards

NorthLight School 

15 April 2020