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The Parent Support Group (PSG) is made up of committed parents who play an active role in supporting and participating in school activities organized for both the students and their parents. We strive to promote the spirit of community within the NorthLight School (NLS) family. We aim for improved communication and support between the students and their parents through our activities.

Join us in this journey and let us get to know our students better.

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Updated as at 06 March 2020

Join us

Let us play an active role in our students’ lives. Express your interest via the following ways:

  • Email to Mr Leonard ong, PSG Coordinator via leonard_t_h_ong@ite.edu.sg
  • Inform through your child’s Form Teacher
  • Visit the General Office during office hours

Victor Foo
Parent to Andy Foo (Year 2, 2015 cohort)

My son started off as a quiet and reserved Year 1 student. Fortunately, throughout last year, he had built his confidence and made more friends than he had in primary school. Today, he is much happier and more assured of himself. His confidence level has improved tremendously through the EQUAL program.

I am happy that I made a good choice for my son. Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Principal and all the staffs for their dedication. Thank you for making NorthLight School (NLS) a unique place that my son enjoys to study in.
Mary Wong
Parent to Yeo Hwee Teng (Year 5, 2015 cohort) and Yeo Ying Jie (Year 4, 2014 cohort)

Both my daughters studied in NorthLight School (NLS), and will be furthering their Year 5 education in NorthLight Academy (NLA) in January 2015. During their primary school education, both my daughters had never passed a single examination. When they received their discouraging PSLE results back then, my husband and I did not hesitate to enroll them in NLS, despite the opposition from our family.Thankfully, we persisted and we do see encouraging results. They have improved tremendously and showed much keen interest in their studies. The school also instilled good character values known as S.H.I.N.E., and encouraged teamwork and volunteerism in them. As a result, my daughters have grown to be well-adjusted individuals.

As a concerned parent, I support my children by being a Parent Support Group (PSG) member. Through the activities organized by the PSG team, I communicate better with my children in a social setting and this strengthen our parent-child bonding as well. We are thankful for the dedication of all the staff and for the ample opportunities given to us.
Nancy Chan
Parent to Quek Kah Kee (Year 3, 2015 cohort) and Quek Kah Seng (Year 4, 2015 cohort)

我想分享我的孩子在這兩年以來的轉變很大. 我舉個例子: 他很文靜的一個小孩子又 不愛說話的孩子. 在老師的陪伴下他建立了自己的信心,因為學校有很多課程在 學習當中找到他自己的自信 例如,騎馬機械電器等等. 他的改變不是完全是靠自己而是 而是這裡有富有經驗的老師的教導,最重要的一點還是父母的支持孩子才會開心更有自信 能夠掌握自己的學習能力,而不用父母的操心. 謝謝大家.
Zalifah Ibrahim
Sibling to Mohd Azlan Bin Abdullah Lim (Year 4, 2015 cohort)

I did not regret joining the Parent Support Group (PSG), despite my brother’s initial reluctance. I am glad that I persevered and insisted on being a part of his schooling journey in NorthLight School (NLS). During the PSG activities, especially the annual Family Camps, I noticed positive behavioral changes in him that would normally eluded me in typical family settings. He is a much confident and sociable child, compared during his primary school days.

My brother is the youngest in the family, and we had been overprotective and likely smothered him at times. He commented previously that he is obligated to follow my lead, simply because I am the adult. It was definitely a wake-up call for me. By attending PSG activities, it opened my eyes and made me see him as an individual, and not someone whom I could mold according to my expectations. I would say that joining the PSG is beneficial for us to improve and strengthen our family bonding.
Thilagavathy Sevapragasam
Parent to Pranav s/o C. Balu (Year 3, 2015 cohort)

My son suffers from hemiplegia; simply put, he is partially paralyzed on one side of his body due to injury to the motor centre of his brain.

In primary school, he did badly in his studies and had zero confidence. His teachers would call and complain that he was slow and had poor understanding of the topics taught. They neglected to understand him and his health situation, and I had a challenging time explaining to his teachers. When he received his discouraging PSLE results back then and was asked to re-sit, I was taken aback and contemplated what would be the best path for him. Fortunately, my husband suggested enrolling him in NorthLight School (NLS) due to an optimistic, informational session with an acquaintance.

Initially, I was worried and skeptical when I met his classmates for the first time. However, after the pep talk by the Principal and Discipline Master, I was convinced that my son is in good hands, and I had positive feelings about the school and its system. I am proud of my son’s achievements; he received second prizes for both Language and Literacy, and NorthLight Programme last year.

My husband and I are thankful and appreciative of NLS teachers for their relentless dedication and understanding towards my son. Due to their positive and optimistic outlook, my son gained strength, confidence, courage and patience towards his studies and life in general. They made a huge difference to his life and he looks upon them as role models. No words are good enough to express our deepest gratitude to them. To us, they are like candles brightening my son’s life.