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NorthLight Academy


NorthLight Academy

To provide student alternative pathway to enhance academy and vocational skills for better work sustainability and to embrace lifelong learning


For students:

  • Earn as you learn
  • Learn at real work environment
  • Acquire relevant career skills and develop confidence
  • Convert to Full time employment
  • Enhance job opportunity and progression

Curriculum and Training:

a)      2 Days School Based Learning

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • Sports and Wellness
  • WSQ Work Place Skills and Certification
    • Develop Personal Effectiveness at Operations Level
    • Apply Emotional Competence to Manage Self at the Workplace
    • Solve Problems & Make Decisions at Operations Level
    • Communicate and Relate Effectively at the Workplace
    • Work in Team

b)      3 Days Applied Learning through Industry Apprenticeship Programme

  • Opportunity of real work experience
  • Structured Training with Mentoring system
  • WSQ Vocational Skills Training and Certifications
  • Work place support by Job Coaches

Training Model:


* WPLN - Workplace Literacy and Numeracy
* WPS - Workplace Skills

Certifications are attained based on successful completion. Job conversion and further progression based on performance subject to institutions and industry acceptance.