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Framework and Objectives


Key Programmes
(Each Module is 25 Hours)
Total Curriculum Hours
Foundation Program
(1 year & 2 years)1
ITE Skill Certificate (ISC)
Programme (2 years)
Character Education NorthLight Programme 200 Students will offer the respective programmes for the corresponding year 100 This is covered under the pre-employment skills training programme.
Sport & Wellness Programme 150 100 100
Art Appreciation Programme 125
CCAs [120]2 [120] [120]
Instructional Education Language and Literacy Programme 125 (inclusive of 25 hrs for drama) Students will offer the appropriate modules based on entry level 100 100
Math work for Us! Programme 150 100* 50*
ICT Literacy Programme 150 50 ICT will be used to support the projects of the other subject areas*
Vocational Education Vocational Training Programme 100 (taster)^ Students will offer 4 taster programmes out of 6 for each year 500 (Core)@100 (Electives)# 200 (Core)@250 (Electives)#
Pre-employments Skills Training Programme
Industrial Attachment
Total no of hours per year
(excluding CCAs)
1000 1000 1000

^ Taster: Students to offer 4 electives (each 25 hours long).
@ Core modules from the Technical, Services and Creative Strands.
# Elective modules from the Technical, Services and Creative Strands.
* Customised for vocational training.


The curriculum at NorthLight is clustered under three domains: Character Education, Foundation Education and Vocational Education.

A snapshot of this is provided in the following table.

Curriculum Domains Objective Key Programmes
Character Education Develop in the students the qualities and values to lead fulfilling lives
  • NorthLight Programme
  • Sports & Wellness Programme
  • Arts Appreciation Programme
Foundation Education Help students acquire core competencies in literacy and numeracy to function effectively in daily life and work
  • Language and Literacy Programme
  • ‘Math Works for Us!’ Programme
  • Information Communication and Technology Literacy Programme
Vocational Education Prepare students for entry-level jobs in the Technical, Services and Creative industries
  • Vocational Training Programme
  • Pre-employment Skills Training Programme
  • Industrial Experiential Programme -IEP (10-week)