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Foundation Education

Help students acquire core competencies in literacy and numeracy to function effectively in daily life and work. We offer programmes such as Language & Literacy, ‘Math Works for Us!’, Information & communication Technology and Literacy Programme.


The ability to speak and write English effectively is an essential skill in the workplace. In support of NLS’s mission to provide an engaging career oriented education for youth and prepare them for lifelong learning and employability, the Language and Literacy Programme seeks to prepare students to be effective communicators in the main language of work and business, as well as to facilitate future skills upgrading.

The following approaches to language learning are embodied in the syllabus for NLS, and aligned to the MOE PETALS principles of engaged learning. Each point of the five-pointed star forms integral P.A.R.T.S. of the EL framework, helping us to achieve our goal to produce competent and confident communicators.
A mathematical programme that prepare youth at work and community.

To equip students with mathematical skills and attitudes at *vocational level of competency and confidence that can be applied in life.

* The four core vocational modules : Electrical, Mechanical, Retail and Food & Preparation.

The programme aims to enable students to:

a) Acquire foundational mathematical concepts and skills to meet the general demands of life at home and at work, and also for participation in the community;

<b>ICT Department Vision</b>
Students, Staff and Stakeholders use
Technology seamlessly in
Areas of their teaching, learning, work, &amp; communication in a
Respectful, responsible and ethical way.

<b>GOALS – CARE</b>
<b>To leverage on the use of ICT:</b>
To deliver an engaging and relevant Curriculum.
For Administration excellence.
To develop the confidence and competency to use IT to support teaching &amp; learning and accomplish Real-life tasks.
To promote Ethical use of ICT.