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Character Education

Develop young people’s values, attitudes and personal qualities, to enable them to lead fulfilling lives. Students will be involved in various programmes such as, NorthLight Programme, Sports & Wellness Programme, Arts Appreciation Programme and Co-curriculum Activities.


CCA (Co-Curricular Activities) is an important component of character education in NLS, and forms a part of the holistic, well-rounded education that we seek to provide for our students.

Objectives of CCA:
CCA provides all-round development in students in the following ways:

– it builds character, team spirit and responsibility
– it provides for physical, social and mental development
– it inculcates a sense of belonging to the school
– it provides opportunities for leadership experience and development of leadership potential
– it promotes social integration
– it develops healthy lifestyles
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Our Mission :

Nurturing pupils to be self-disciplined individuals that live out their values effectively.

Our Approach : Support and Sustain Support & sustain (Children learn best in supportive environment)

Involve stakeholders in implementing discipline structures
Clear understanding of codes of behaviours and roles
Focus on success (catch them good)
Build up quality relationships
Strong involvement of pupils
Clear and convenient system for obtaining emotional or additional support
Sustained encouragement
The Aesthetics framework consists of three parts. The core of the framework encapsulates the Aesthetics vision and the desired learner outcome. Extending outwards from the core are interdependent skills, techniques, values and ethics that students will learn to support them in becoming the desired learner. On the outer ring are Aesthetics pedagogical approaches and Character education that are integrated to enable the acquisition of these skills and values.

Behavioural Skills
Cognitive Skills
Values & Ethics