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Sports and Games


• To develop member’s fitness levels.
• To build character, team spirit and responsibility and provide opportunities for development of leadership potential through CCA.
• To build resilience through training and participation in competition.
To inculcate discipline and teamwork in CCA members through their passion for the sport of floorball.
1. To promote amongst students the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and life-long physical activity through participation in recreational/competitive sepak takaw.
2. To promote students’ social and mental well-being through building social connectedness and fostering positive peer relations amongst students.
Objectives of CCA: To enable members to build resilience, teamwork and sportsmanship through basketball training and competition
To train members to acquire basketball skills, know the game and play it well
To develop leadership qualities through the training
Soccer team is made up of Year 1 to Year 4 students; we cater to both the social recreation students and also the competitive school team. We welcome students who have the passion and love for the sport. During our training sessions, we emphasize on building on our players’ character.

<b>Objectives – Soccer:</b>
To build character, team spirit, responsibility and sense of belonging to the school.
To develop the students’ soccer skills, fitness level and game tactics.
Table Tennis CCA comprise mostly non-competitive groups of paddlers. CCA members are introduced to play techniques such as stroke play, footwork, ball control, service, defence and attack strategies. Regular practice play during CCA will drill members to improve on their dexterity, quick reflexes, speed, power and agility. Our members are nurtured both physically and mentally to fulfil their potential. Dedication and enthusiasm towards the game will be instilled in the CCA members to achieve discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship.
• To develop in our Netballers the love for the sport.
• To provide opportunities for Netballers to participate and grow in their leadership skills.
• To develop students’ basic skills, competency and confidence in the sport.
• To strengthen togetherness among students interested in the sport.
To develop the members’ badminton skills, fitness level and game tactics.
To inculcate discipline, sportsmanship and teamwork.
To inculcate the value social responsibility through Values In Action activities