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For students to develop an interest, knowledge and skills in gardening as part of horticulture (career exploration) and to learn about environmental issues to do their part to care for our environment.

  • To educate students about food source, food cycle, nutrients, living conditions and environmental issues (4Rs, conservation, food waste)
  • To inculcate in students a greater appreciation for food, hard work and delayed gratification
  • To teach students how to care for plants and our environment and develop skills such as teamwork, safety and problem-solving
  • To build in students values such as patience, care, responsibility, resilience, respect & 'harmony' (with their peers and the environment)
  • Mr Jeffery Chye
  • Mr Suhaili
  • Mr Daniel Liu
  • Ms Kanchana
CCA Student Leaders
  • Nur Shafina Binte Abdullah Zulkarnain (Chairman)
  • Sandhya Thinakaran (Student Counsellor)
  • Nur Syafiqah Binte Sugiman (Student Counsellor)
CCA Venue

Rooftop Garden (Level 4)

CCA Timing

Thursdays 3 - 5 p.m.

CCA Highlights/Achievements
  • Termly or monthly sharing of Harvest with staff and students
  • Upcycling activities to creatively transform waste or unwanted materials into new products such as planters and wind chimes for the rooftop garden.
CCA Program for the year
  • To learn and be actively engaged in the various stages of growing vegetables and fruits from seeds and bulb propagation and ornamental plants and herbs from cuttings
  • Learn about environmental issues such as waste management and sustainable practices and habits through educational workshops and learning journeys with environmental agencies.
  • Upcycling activities to transform waste products to useful environmentally friendly products.
  • Share knowledge on environmental issues on key environment days such as Earth Day.
VIA Activities

Keeping School Campus Clean

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