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Objectives of CCA

Students to develop an interest, knowledge and skills in horticulture (career exploration), to learn about environmental issues and do their part to care for our environment.
  • To educate students about food source, food cycle, nutrients, living conditions and environmental issues (4Rs, conservation, food waste)
  • To inculcate in students a greater appreciation for food, hard work and delayed gratification
  • To teach students how to care for plants and our environment, work skills such as teamwork, safety and problem-solving
  • To build in students values such as patience, care, responsibility, resilience, respect & ‘harmony’ (for/with their peers and the environment)
Teacher in-charge Mr Suhaili
Mr Jeffrey
Mr Jamil
Mr Roger
Ms Soh Lay Hong
CCA Leaders Koh Jia Hao
Lim Han Yee
CCA Venu: Rooftop garden
CCA Timing: 8.30am to 11am

CCA Highlights/Achievements:
  • Termly or monthly plant give away to staff and students Harvest time
CCA Programme for the year :
  • Grow vegetables and fruits from seeds and bulb propagation
  • Grow ornamental plants and herbs from cuttings
  • Grow sunflowers to attract bees for pollination
  • Make fruit peel enzyme cleaners to learn about fermentation, and for cleaning the garden and to use as fertilizers
  • Make compost to enrich the soil and learn about decomposition
  • Make terrarium to learn about container gardening and air plants
  • Make recycling bins and take charge of recycling efforts in school
  • Share about environmental issues on environment days such as Earth Day Learning journeys to farms and gardens
VIA Activities:
  • Empty the classroom recycling bins/boxes for recycling termly
  • Grow vegetables for sale by Retail students and/or to donate to Soup Kitchen
  • Teach the pre-schoolers and/or elderly how to grow vegetables and sunflowers