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Clubs & Societies


We are into our fourth year running a fruitful year in 2014 seen the club grew from a small pool of students of 25 have blossomed into a more intensive committed team.

Some of the senior students have graduated and new recruits have come on board with great influence from the fellow schoolmates whom have shown resilience and commitment to stay in the club for the past years.

The gastronomical culinary journey have indeed given skills and gourmet knowledge to the student repertoire learning enhancement on their quest for better understanding and food history.
Goals and Objectives
Students to develop an interest, knowledge and skills in horticulture (career exploration), to learn about environmental issues and do their part to care for our environment.
To educate students about food source, food cycle, nutrients, living conditions and environmental issues (4Rs, conservation, food waste)
To inculcate in students a greater appreciation for food, hard work and delayed gratification
To teach students how to care for plants and our environment, work skills such as teamwork, safety and problem-solving
To build in students values such as patience, care, responsibility, resilience, respect & ‘harmony’ (for/with their peers and the environment)

IT Club
To allow students to use their skills in developing ICT within and outside the school environment.
To help students develop an appreciation for ICT in today’s society.
To provide a fun and interactive approach to ICT.
To help other students become competent and confident users of ICT through training sessions.
To strengthen togetherness among students interested in ICT.

Ripples Club
The RIPPLES Club focuses on developing in our students the skills of Reading, Presenting, Listening and Speaking, with the first letter of each skill found in the word “RIPPLES”.

Learning to listen, read and speak better helps one be more confident in themselves and can create a ripple effect in their lives. We hope that through participation in the RIPPLES Club, students also develop a lifelong interest and find meaning in the spoken and written words around them.

Entrepreneurship Club provides students with an engaging and authentic experience that develops creative and innovative individuals who give back to society.

We aim to encourage entrepreneurship and impart life skills to students through the following activities:
Create products for sale
Price merchandise to meet market demands and expectations
Plan and run sales events
Art Club
Art Club provides different avenues for the holistic development of the students. Students are engaged through the different art forms to achieve the over-arching objectives of lifelong learning and character building.

Art Club CCA aims to develop our students in the following ways:
To develop technical skills and increase visual literacy.
To develop good habits of mind and character.