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IT Club

Goals and Objectives

  • To allow students to use their skills in developing ICT within and outside the school environment.
  • To help students develop an appreciation for ICT in today’s society.
  • To provide a fun and interactive approach to ICT.
  • To help other students become competent and confident users of ICT through training sessions.
  • To strengthen togetherness among students interested in ICT.

CCA Teachers

Teachers: Mdm Halimah Lin and Mr Lim Thiam Chye
Trainers: Codomo – Mr Fendy and Ms Reshveena

Student Leaders

Chairman: Darren Tay Wei Teck (4RS2)
Vice-Chairman: Tan Jun Wei (3FS2)
Asst. Vice-Chairman: Pek Su Fen (3HS3)

Level Representatives

Year 1: Avril Yeo (1A4)
Year 2: Hey Kim Long (2R3)
Year 3: Chang Choong Loon (3RS1)
Year 4: Mohd Haris Bin Ali (4FS2)


Computer Lab 5 and 6


Kodu Game Coders
Claymation Animation
3D Design and Printing