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Club De Cuisine

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Culinary and baking skills are an important component of skills training and character development in NorthLight School. They form a holistic, well-rounded education that we seek to provide for our students.

Objectives of Club de Cuisine:

– provide a fun and interactive environment for cooking and baking

– build character, responsibility and team spirit

– provide opportunities for leadership experience and development of leadership potential

– provide opportunities to contribute to the school and community

In 2014 Club de Cuisine started a VIA with ‘Soup Kitchen Willing Hearts’. The students helped with food preparation for the needy residents. In 2015 and 2016, Club de Cuisine went back to ‘Willing Hearts’ to help with food preparation and to distribute the packed food parcels to the assigned residential area. This VIA community service certainly created an imprint in our students’ hearts for the need to be generous with their time and resources. The students grasped a good understanding of community work involvement.

With the baking and cooking lessons, we plan a diverse menu of local heritage food items especially those found in our own backyard. Some of our students have never tasted Onde Onde, Chinese Dumplings, Mushroom soup in sour dough bread, Kueh Pi Tie, Chee Kueh, Cupcakes, Pineapple Fried Rice and even exotic ice cream flavours. This gastronomical culinary journey has enhanced their understanding of food and nurtured a love for culinary skills.

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