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Education Grants and Scholarships

Edusave awards and scholarships

Edusave Awards are given by the government annually to Singaporeans pupils to help equalize educational opportunities and motivate pupils to excel in schools in academic and non-academic domains. These Singaporean pupils must have performed well or made good progress in their school work and must have good conduct. The various types of Edusave Awards are:

Type of Award Eligibility Criteria Quantum
Edusave Scholarship for Secondary Schools (ESSS) Top 10% of pupils within each level and course academically and who have good conduct. $500
Edusave Awards for Achievement, Good Leadership and Service (EAGLES) Top 10% of Singaporean pupils who displayed leadership qualities, service to community and school and excellence in non-academic activities. Pupils must also pass the school exams and have good conduct. $500
Edusave Character Award (ECHA) Up to 2% of Singaporean pupils who demonstrate exemplary character and outstanding personal qualities through their behaviour and actions. Pupils must also obtain a conduct grade of good or better. $500
Edusave Skills Award (ESA) Top 10% of Singaporean students from each *course in the graduating cohort, who demonstrated excellent professional and soft skills throughout their course of study. Pupils must also obtain a conduct grade of good or better.
*only awarded to students in Year 4 - Year 6
Edusave Merit Bursary (EMB) Pupils who are within the top 25% in terms of academic performance, have good conduct and whose monthly household income does not exceed $6,900 (or per capita income does not exceed $1,725). Pupils must not be recipients of an Edusave scholarship. $500
Edusave Good Progress Award (GPA) Pupils who are within the top 10% of their level and course in terms of improvement in academic performance and have demonstrated good conduct. $400

National Awards

Type of Award Eligibility Criteria Quantum
Lee Hsien Loong Award for Special Achievement The Singaporean graduate will be nominated based on the following:
  1. Good Academic Achievement (GPA of 2.5 or better and qualified for ITE)
  2. Good CCA record
  3. Contribution to school and community
  4. Strong Leadership qualities (at class, CCA or school level)
  5. Positive Character Development (good conduct, positive attitude towards learning & self-improvement)
Tay Eng Soon Scholarship The Singaporean OR Permanent Resident graduate, who has achieved the following:
  1. outstanding results in his/her course at NLS
  2. commencing his/her full-time ITE Nitec courses
  3. He/she possesses good records of active participation in CCA and is not financially sponsored by employers.
  • $500
  • Waiver of ITE tuition fees

Partner Awards

Type of Award Eligibility Criteria Quantum
NTUC Fairprice Education Grant The Singaporean graduate will be nominated based on the following:
  • Must be Singapore Citizen or PR
  • Sound Character
  • Vocational specialisation in Retail Operations and able to complete the course
  • Award recipients are not eligible to hold another bursary, scholarship or study award. Exception for MOE/School Based FAS & Edusave Awards
  • Attendance rate of at least 80% for entire academic year
  • Conduct of at least "Good", for final semester in the academic year
  • All ISC modules to be graded at least "C" and above
  • Recipients can be 3rd or final year Retail Operation students