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Friends of NorthLight

NorthLight School seeks to build strong and purposeful partnerships to provide support and opportunities for meaningful learning experiences for our students. The additional support from our partners enhances and complements the existing resources and programmes that we have put in place. A Partners Framework was established to ensure that partnerships are purposeful and aligned to the school’s vision, mission and values.

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Our Friends:

  1. Industry Partners – They provide support to the school in the form of Industry Experiential Programme (IEP) and work experience opportunities, learning journeys, training and industry exposure, bursaries, donations, etc.
  2. Community Engagement Partners – They provide opportunities for learning journeys, training and exposure to broaden students’ perspective, bursaries, donations, etc.
  3. Service Learning Partners – They allow our students to demonstrate Values-In-Action (VIA).
  4. Board of Directors (BOD)
  5. Parent Support Group (PSG)

Let’s be Friends!

If you are interested to join us in our partnership journey, please send us an email at nls@moe.edu.sg.

Code of Conduct for NorthLight School Partners

The school has put in place a NorthLight Code of Conduct for Partners which aims to ensure that all partners understand the standard of conduct required.

Partners are expected to uphold the Partners' Code of Conduct at all times when carrying out their duties and interactions.

All individuals interacting with students shall:

  1. Uphold himself or herself appropriately and responsibly.
  2. Act in students' best interest at all times.

Partners are expected to inform the school if they face any conflict of interest in carrying out their involvement with the school (e.g. other commitments, roles in other organisations).

Any breaches of the Partners' Code of Conduct may lead to a warning of unacceptable behaviour or immediate termination of services as a partner.