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School Leaders Message

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Dear Alumni,

Personally, I always enjoy hearing the stories of transformation among our students and alumni. There are many NorthLight students who first entered the school feeling unhappy about life and feeling discouraged about their own failures. Yet they left the school after 3 or 4 years with a renewed sense of self-confidence, hope for the future, and skills to learn more things in their next phase of life.

What were some of the reasons for this change in them? There are many factors, such as support from family and friends, and of course the teachers and staff of NorthLight. Many students have shared with me about their successes along the way, for example when a form teacher saw potential in them and appointed them to leadership roles or when a teacher encouraged them to join a certain CCA or activity which helped to bring out the best in them.

We hope you remember NorthLight School with fond memories and deep appreciation. We hope you remember a certain teacher or staff who took time to share words of advice with you, or words of encouragement. And we hope you come back to visit us at our annual Mega Homecoming and other alumni events that are planned this year.

As the school enters our 13th year mark this year, we are seeing more alumni come back to share their experiences and talents with the current NorthLight students. Many of our alumni have now been working for several years or are pursuing further studies at places like ITE and polytechnics. This is certainly very encouraging to our students and teachers. We encourage you to stay in touch with us and to consider how you can contribute to helping new generations of NorthLight students to shine.

Warm regards
Miss Amanda
Advisor, Alumni Committee