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Basic & Advanced OE (BOE & AOE)

The BOE programme in NorthLight school allows students to develop outdoor skills through physical activities while cultivating an attitude of care and appreciation for the environment whilst also being thoughtful and taking consideration of the risks and safety of themselves and others around them. NorthLight’s authentic OE programme allows students to progressively equip themselves with these skills from Year 1 up till Year 3 where they will embark on the MOE-OBS Challenge Programme as the pinnacle of their OE journey. The programme consists of:

Year 1 BOE:

1.Map reading & Orienteering
2.Risk & Safety Assessment
3.Basic First Aid
4.Kayaking Orientation Programme

Year 2 AOE:

1.Campcraft: Outdoor Cooking
2.Campcraft: Knots & Lashings
3.Advanced First Aid: CPR & AED
4.Confidence Building: High Elements & CRC
Kayaking 1 Star Certification