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Great Outdoor Experience (GOE)

The History behind our Great Outdoor Experience

NLS Great Outdoor Experience was instituted as an event that served as a platform for our students to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they acquired through our PE/SW curriculum. We started off at a humble location- Bedok Reservoir wherein the Obstacle course served as the mainstay of the event. However, in 2015 we attempted and succeeded in moving our Great Outdoor Experience to the Sports Hub. The intent then was to familiarize our students with its facilities and also to showcase to our students the potential that the sports industry has as an employer and also to highlight the sporting achievements of our local athletes. It was that fateful year that the PE/SW department approached Deloitte and asked if they would partner us in this endeavour which was the celebration of sports. Deloitte had in the past, offered its Impact Day (CSR) to us in the form of guided tours with their staff to the Singapore Zoo and later, USS. Deloitte being a staunch supporter of local sports and athletes came onboard willing when the idea was mooted to them to partner us in our Great Outdoor Experience. What transpired over the next few years was a strong partnership that came together to celebrate sports and games, and to promote values like Sportsmanship, Friendship and Excellence. We have seen our GOE & Deloitte Impact Day grow from strength to strength and from a simple event to one that has grown to such a larger scale. In 2017, we partnered Sports SG as we agreed to coincide our GOE & Deloitte Impact Day with our Nation’s Birthday celebrations at the Sports Hub. What happened next, was the elevation of GOE & Deloitte Impact Day to the presence and participation of iconic national athletes like Mr. Kunalan who graced that particular year’s event as our GOH. He even took time to row in the Dragonboat Regatta as well as present to our sports CCA students his journey as a National athlete. This relationship with Sports SG has allowed us to grow our GOE to a mass event that involved new partners like ITE college East- Sports Wellness. With the coming onboard of ITE college East, we were able to free our staff to be with their Form Classes rather than have to run the booths/stations. This has led to improved TSR and attendance (upward trend over the last 3 years). Additionally, this collaboration with ITE is something Deloitte CEO Philip Yuen would like to see more of as he believes that both our students and theirs will benefit from this interaction and exchange.This year, 2019 is no different and it marks our 5th year @ Sports Hub. We are looking forward to a bigger and louder bash as it coincides with the founding of Singapore in 1819 by Raffles. As such, all the game stations and activities will have a bicentennial flavour and the atmosphere and mood in and around the Sports Hub will be indicative of that joy & excitement.