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Objectives of CCA:
  • To inculcate values like teamwork, discipline, respect and other positive values
  • To inculcate a love for music and drama
  • To introduce students to meaningful songs that help bring across positive values
  • To encourage students to challenge themselves to reach their fullest potential
  • To build confidence in the students
Teacher in-charge
Ms Hia Noi Meng
Mr Danny Sum
Ms Farah Goh
Ms Joanne Kong
CCA Leaders Erra Fadilah Bte Muhamad Yusri (4FS1)
Darren Teng Tai Wei (3HS2)
CCA Venu: Drama Room 1 and 2
CCA Timing: 830 to 11am


CCA HIghlights/Achievements:
  • Taking part in most school concerts:
  • Chinese New Year, Teachers’ Day, Youth Day, Hari Raya, Deepavali etc each year
CCA Programme for the year
  • Weekly practices, mini inter-group competition/ performances
  • School and external performances (VIA)
VIA Activities:

  • Performance at a book launch at Malay Heritage association in Term 1 Week 7 (Cancelled as a Covid 19 virus precaution)