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Co-Curricular Activities


Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

CCA (Co-Curricular Activities) is an important component of character education in NLS, and forms a part of the holistic, well-rounded education that we seek to provide for our students.

Objectives of CCA:

CCA provides all-round development in students in the following ways:

  • it builds character, team spirit and responsibility
  • it provides for physical, social and mental development
  • it inculcates a sense of belonging to the school
  • it provides opportunities for leadership experience and development of leadership potential
  • it promotes social integration
  • it develops healthy lifestyles
CCA@ NLS: What we offer

NLS offers a wide variety of CCAs for students to cater to a myriad of interests and abilities. We offer 2 Uniformed Groups, 3 Performing Arts Groups, 10 Sports & Games and 8 Clubs & Societies. We have a group of dedicated teachers and student leaders who guide our students towards achieving the school goals and through that developing our students to be Sincere, Honest, Innovative, adept at Networking, and always striving towards Excellence.

Clubs & Societies Performing Arts Sports & Games Uniformed Groups
Art Club
Club de Cuisine
IT Club
Entrepreneurship Club
Environmental Club
RippLes Club
Sepak Takraw
Table Tennis
Track & Field
Net Ball
Girl Guides
National Civil Defence Cadet Corps
CCA Policy concerning Students:

It is mandatory for every student to participate in at least one CCA.
All students must participate in one CCA each year and must be present in all weekly CCA sessions on Thursday afternoons. Every student entering NLS is expected to be committed to his/ her CCA. Every student is expected to contribute and excel within the CCA that he/ she has chosen to join.

Transfer of CCA

Students are not allowed to transfer their CCA on their own accord.
All transfer requests must be submitted formally in writing to the CCA Coordinator for the School's consideration and approval. The transfer of CCA can only be done within January. The CCA Transfer Form must be completed and submitted for the CCA Coordinator's consideration.

Excellence in CCA: Awards

CCA Merit Award:
The CCA Merit Award awarded once every year to recognize and award top-performing students in each CCA.

  1. Consistent attendance in CCA sessions;
  2. Positive learning attitude;
  3. Consistently demonstrates the SHINE values

CCA Outstanding Award:
The pinnacle CCA Outstanding Award is given to the most outstanding student in each CCA for the year.

  1. Outstanding attendance in CCA sessions;
  2. Positive and humble learning attitude;
  3. Exemplifies the SHINE values

Other subsidiary Awards (given internally within CCAs)
This is given out within the individual CCAs. Awards are given at the discretion of the CCA teachers to recognize positive traits such as sportsmanship, creativity, diligence, commitment etc.

This Award is given out to deserving CCA students who excel in the non-academic areas:

  1. Achievement in CCA;
  2. Outstanding leadership;
  3. Community service
Student Leadership in CCA:

Students are given opportunities to assume leadership roles within the various CCA groups:
Sports: Captain, Vice-Captains
Uniformed Groups: Any rank above Lance Corporal, appointments e.g. CSM, Patrol Leader
Performing Arts: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, other committee positions
Clubs & Societies: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, other committee positions

CCA Termly Schedule:

Every Thursday, 1500 - 1700, from Term 1 - Term 4.

CCA Orientation for new students:

This is held in January for new students (Year 1 and Year 2 Junior) where they have a chance to find out more about the wide range of CCAs that NLS offers.
These new students will then need to attend the CCA Selection Trials, complete the CCA Option Form (where they must indicate their choices of CCAs) and submit it online or to their Form Teacher. Each student's CCA is allocated according to how well they have performed for the selection trials as well as what they have chosen in the CCA Option Form, subject to availability.
The results of the CCA allocation exercise for new students will be put up prominently outside the Multi-Purpose Hall. Students must report for their allocated CCA henceforth and attend CCA sessions faithfully.
For enquiries, please contact:

  1. Your child's CCA teacher 6929 6290;
  2. Mr Frankie Liew (CCA Coordinator) 6929 6290;
  3. Mr Rodney Yeo (HOD PE/ CCA) 6929 6290