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Ripples Club



The RIPPLES Club focuses on developing in our students the skills of Reading, Presenting, Listening and Speaking, with the first letter of each skill found in the word "RIPPLES".

Learning to listen, read and speak better helps one be more confident in themselves and can create a ripple effect in their lives. We hope that through participation in the RIPPLES Club, students also develop a lifelong interest and find meaning in the spoken and written words around them.

In RIPPLES Club, students will learn to improve their reading, presenting, listening and speaking skills through authentic, meaningful and engaging activities crafted around the themes of food, art, travel and nature.

  • Chen Wei Teng
  • Vincent Tham Chee Wai
  • Choong Mi Mi
Student Leaders:
  • Muhd Fauzi Qusyairi Bin Salehin (Chairman)
  • Mas Ellysha Bte Mohd Rozi (Vice-chairman)



3 – 5 p.m. (Recess 3:45 – 4 p.m.)

  1. Create and present their own photo stories which are broadcasted in TV screens in school canteen and general office
  2. Appreciation day for school cleaners
  3. Collaboration with Club De Cuisine
  4. Learning journey to Sikh temple
Partners and activities:
  1. Central Sikh Temple
  2. Professional storyteller Ms Wong Swee Yean
  3. Guests with extraordinary stories to share (Human Library)
CCA Program for the year:
  1. Learning sign language and communicating with guests with extraordinary stories (Human Library)
  2. Learn about the different types of disabilities and their stories of resilience
  3. Telling stories with dough
  4. Learning to be broadcasters for their photo stories
  5. Book club sessions (who says reading is boring!)
VIA Activities:

Collaboration with Club De Cuisine to make cookies for school cleaners and security guards